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Why us?

We have over 20 years experience in the industry, benefit from our years of rich experience and excellent support services. We are here to help you achieve financial success, as your one stop shop for all your accounting needs.

Our Fees

Our fees are R2500.00 for per financial year, which includes: annual financial statements, IT12 & 34, tax clearance and the processing of all relevant information.  (T’s and C’s apply)

Should you have outstanding returns for more than one year please request a formal quotation.

PLEASE NOTE: Additional fees will be charged for audits or any other business activities. 

Documents Required

  • All bank account statements for the financial year
  • Credit card statements
  • Remax invoices & statements
  • Advertising invoices
  • Motor vehicle logbook (business & personal kilometres)
  • Motor vehicle purchases agreement
  • Motor vehicle amortization schedules (can be requested from bank)
  • Monthly electricity statements
  • Monthly cell phone statements
  • All applicable expenses – invoices and slips
  • Additional income – IRP5/rental income/royalties/income from a business or trade/income or profits arising from an individual being a beneficiary of a trust/dividends/pension funds, or any additional source of income if applicable
  • Summary of rental income and expenses, if applicable
  • Medical tax certificate – IT3
  • Indication of any dependant on medical aid who is handicapped or disabled – with proof of doctor certificate.
  • Medical out of pocket expenses slips & invoices – only applicable if you have a medical aid
  • Retirement annuity tax certificate – IT3
  • Interest certificates
  • Profit or loss on sale of assets
  • E-fling login details
  • Income tax reference number

Deductible Expenses

T’s&C’s apply

  • Accounting Fees
  • Gifts to clients
  • Computer expenses
  • Internet
  • Cell Phone ( 80%)
  • Home Office Expenses
  • Cleaning
  • Interest on losses
  • Admin fees
  • Bank charges
  • Fuel & Toll Fees
  • Vehicle Repairs & Maintenance
  • Printing and Stationary
  • Advertising
  • Refreshments
  • Entertainment
  • Electricity
  • Office & Computer Equipment
  • Consulting Fees
  • Professional Licence Fees
  • Interest
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance
  • Security
  • Accommodation – Business only

For a Free Consultation

Ané van den Berg 
Tel: 012 845 9740

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